Friday, May 30

'Sister Barbara', an actress dressed like a nun
parades in front of visitors of Germany's first Ecumenical Church Congress in Berlin on May 29, 2003

Did I not call this a few days ago? Did I not say that this Congress, as worthy an effort as it is, can't help but pulse with DieterVibes?

Yes, I believe I did.

We're back from our little Chicago jaunt. Had a lot of good feedback at the RBTE, went to the National Shrine of St. Therese, went to another national shrine - the American Girls store, - the Shedd Aquarium, spent some time at the first day of the Blues Festival, Katie went swimming twice in the hotel pool, Joseph stuck his feet in.....I think there's more, but I have quite a bit to do this morning - a column to write, David's upstairs packing up his stuff, and then the 29 hours from 4pm today to 9pm tomorrow are going to be beyond insane as we juggle graduation, recitals, parties and David's move. I might blog a bit later, but we'll see...


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