Mother's Day Gifts from Amy Welborn

Mother's Day Gifts from Amy Welborn

Amy Welborn

 The Catholic Woman’s Book of Days is a 365-day devotional for Catholic women. It is loosely tied to the liturgical year, is a very handy size, and features special devotions for several saints. It is not structured to be tied to any particular year. So it’s sort of perennial. And no, I don’t know about the crosses on the cover. People always ask me about them, thinking they’re mine. You can take a look inside the devotional, including several entries for January and June here

Buy it at Aquinas and More Catholic Goods here But it Amazon here.

Mary and the Christian Life would be a great Mother's Day gift as well, but it's out of print. You can get a free download of the book here, though!
Amy Welborn's Amazon page
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