Friday, March 28

Way of the Cross for Youth by Amy Welborn

A few years ago, I wrote a Stations of the Cross for young people called No Greater Love, published by Creative Communications for the Parish.
"Amy Welborn"No Greater Love is no longer in print, but I've been receiving inquiries about it, so since it's out of print, and I hold the rights, the publisher has agreed that it would be fine for me to distribute it as I wish.  So, if you'd like to download it, make copies for your teens or group, feel free.
You can download the pdf file by clicking here.  It's not in a booklet form - just 9 pages, basically.  But perhaps you can use it.

by Amy Welborn

John Paul II's Stations of the Cross

All about The Power of the Cross (available for free download) and the Way of the Cross (available as an app as well as in paper copies).

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