Wednesday, October 30

Be Saints! by Amy Welborn

This "new" book is not exactly new, since it's  US edition of a book originally published in the UK. It's Be Saints! An Invitation from Pope Benedict XVI. 

Originally published by the Catholic Truth Society, it is now available through Ignatius Press in the US and Canada.  Ann Kissane Engelhart created the paintings to accompany excerpts from Pope Benedict's talk to youth at the "Big Assembly" during his visit to England in 2010. 

Here's the Ignatius Press page for the book.

And you can purchase it through any Catholic bookseller (I hope) - here's the link for Aquinas and More.

"amy welborn"

Free Catholic e-book by Amy Welborn

Go here to download a free e-book version of The Power of the Cross by Michael Dubruiel.

"amy welborn"

The book was put out of print in 2009, but I've made it available in an e-book version.  It is very good Lenten reading.

You can also download it at this link, here. 

Julie Davis spoke kindly of this project here. 


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