Sunday, October 6

Catholic College Student?

Here's a book that might be helpful to a young Catholic heading off to college - or just trying to figure out how to be an adult disciple of Jesus.

Here, Now. A Catholic Guide to the Good life. 

It's a book, quite simply, about discipleship, written for young adult Catholics.

Amy Welborn's Blogs

Amy Welborn's primary blog is called Charlotte was Both.  It can be found here.

The title is derived from the last lines of the children's book Charlotte's Web: 

It is not often that someone comes along who is both a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.

"Amy Welborn"

Booked is Amy Welborn's travel blog.  She writes - sometimes regularly, sometimes sporadically - about her travels.  

Prove It Jesus by Amy Welborn

Prove It: Jesus by Amy Welborn

amy welbornI’ve Always Wondered….
  1. …Is What the Gospels Say About Jesus True?
  2. …What Are the Basic Facts About Jesus?
  3. …What Did Jesus Really Teach?
  4. …Did Jesus Really Perform Miracles?
  5. …Why Was Jesus Executed?
  6. …Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?
  7. …When Is Jesus Going to Come Again?
  8. …Was Jesus Really God?
  9. …How Could Jesus Be Both God and Human?
  10. …Why Did Jesus Come at All, and What Does It Mean for Me Today?
Excerpt from Prove It: Jesus

A resource for teen catechesis and Catholic youth ministry


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