Friday, March 28

This, I can't get my head around.

Variety reports that Michael Moore is working on a new documentary about the purported relationship between the Bush and bin Laden clans and business interests, and that he is negotiating with Mel Gibson's production company for financing.

You might want to be reading Back to Iraq, a blog written by a freelancer who's trying to make his way...back to Iraq, of course. Today, he's headed from Ankara to Syria.

In the article I cite below, Peter Hitchens refers to a scene I found hard to believe. So, of course, I googled it, and here you go...

Aboard the USS Constellation...A day before the bombing began, hundreds of sailors gathered in the hangar bay to hear what Vice Adm. Timothy Keating, head of naval forces in the Persian Gulf region, had to say.They waited a half-hour in rows of hundreds in the warehouse-like space and listened to anthems of the jilted and righteous: "Sweet Home Alabama," "Proud to Be an American," and Metallica's screaming, pounding "Sad But True." Around 8:30 a.m. yesterday, Keating flew in on a C-2A Greyhound and walked onto the stage in sand-colored fatigues to Queen's "We Will Rock You." He wore a black USS Constellation cap, which he took off and pointed in quasi-salute to the sailors before him, who cheered in response.

Whatever it takes, I guess....(although Hitchens calls the scene adolescent and implies that it merely supports an irresponsible practice of war. Maybe that's just British reticence talking. Or is it? )

And, of course, I can't help thinking of that old Cher video, you know..If I Could Turn Back Time, right?

Yet another view....

Peter Hitchens, the conservative brother of leftist Christopher, writes in the Spectator that this is a left-wing war and the Tories have no business supporting it.

The idea that naked force can create human freedom is itself a left-wing idea. Even more socialist are the war faction’s contempt for the sovereignty of nations and their unashamed belief that ends justify means. No wonder that the war’s hottest-eyed supporters on both sides of the Atlantic are ex-Marxists who have lost their faith but have yet to lose their Leninist tendency to worship worldly power. Yet ranged alongside them are Tories who are supposed to stand for the gentler and more modest cause of faith and nation, Church and King.

For more on the brothers Hitchens go here.

Nate Thayer of Slate was kicked out of Baghdad. Here's the story of his trip to the border.

Well, I don't have time to read it right this second, but it looks like a good one:

Just War and Humanitarian Intervention by Jean Bethke Elshtain. (It's a PDF document, BTW).

Thanks to Kevin Jones for leaving a comment with a link to his blog which links to what looks to be a very interesting article.

Lots of very good stuff at John Allen's Word from Rome today, including an account of what happened with those sexual abuse victims who went to see the Pope, two very different church events with two different perspectives on the war, his daily conversations with the Archbishop of the Latin Rite Church in Baghdad, and what people are saying really happened in regard to that Tony Blair/Communion row.

Non-war, and from a few days back, but instructive nonetheless.

From the Catholic League

“It is now crystal clear—New York State lawmakers are more interested in getting the priests than in protecting the kids. Here’s what happened. In June, 2002, a bill that would require all adults to report to the authorities cases of suspected child abuse was withdrawn from the New York State legislature after a protest mounted by Family Planning Advocates (the lobbying arm of Planned Parenthood) and the New York Civil Liberties Union. They argued that only the clergy should be added to the list of professionals required by law to report instances of suspected child abuse. In no uncertain terms, they contended that if all adults were blanketed, it would mean that abortion providers would have to report cases of statutory rape. The bill was then put on hold. The bill that just passed explicitly targets clergy and ‘anyone in a position of trust.’ Senator Stephen Saland, bowing to pressure from the abortion industry, has admitted that his bill will exempt family planning counselors (a.k.a. abortion providers) from coverage. In other words, since Gloria Feldt, the president of Planned Parenthood, is in a position of trust, she would have to report cases of suspected child abuse. But this is a ruse: it is her counselors on staff that learn of these cases—not her—and none of them will have to report instances of child rape to the cops.

In the fog of war...

claims and counterclaims, compiled by the Guardian

The importance of the supply line from the Weekly Standard, and a related bit from the BBC reporters' log

The Marines are now dug in here, they've not moved since the shelling overnight. Their supply lines seem severely stretched. Several infantry men told me they are now down to one meal a day. This is a high tech army which relies on logistics. It seems it needs to settle down for a couple of days while logistical demands are answered.

What do you think of this?

Saddam and his generals know that they have no chance in hell of winning any conflict with the United States MILITARILY. They know they are outgunned, outsupplied, out-technologied, etc. Therefore, their only prayer for surviving the onsluaght is to force a POLITICAL loss on the United States. That means driving up the casualty count, dragging the war out for months, and causing a massive humanitarian crisis. It also means getting images of dead and maimed Iraqis, particualrly children, on Al Jazeera and other networks.Given that, his use of chemical weapons against our forces would guarantee he loses the political battle.Not only that, the Iraqis have to know that the battlefield effectiveness of such weapons...especially agiainst a well-prepared foe like the United States, is minimal at best.Therefore, they gave every impression that they were going to use the force the United States to take that into serious consideration in their planning, and make us attack him before we were fully prepared.

Go to Nancy Nall's page to see two photos that give us a frightening vision of the present - and the future, God forbid.


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