Saturday, January 18

My husband found this excellent Catholic news site

My work here is done, I think....

Non-Catholic's contribution keeps ministry open

A non-Catholic benefactor has contributed funds to allow the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to keep operating its ecumenical and inter-religious affairs office.The office was one of seven slated for closure in an austerity program prompted by what the archdiocese called a budget emergency. The planned closures, caused by $4.3-million in cutbacks, were revealed in September. Father Alexei Smith, the office's director, said he was approached by the benefactor after newspaper reports about the budget cuts appeared. "This person looked me right in the eye and asked if [the news] were true. And when I answered affirmatively, this person was very disappointed, then point-blank asked me how much I would need to continue operations," Smith said in the archdiocese's newspaper, the Tidings.

Pope will continue travels, but will stay closer to home

Pope John Paul II will continue his travels in 2003, despite failing health, and will reach the milestone of 100 trips outside Italy. But his visits will be relatively brief and only to European countries, the Vatican said this week.Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said the 82-year-old Roman Catholic pontiff is scheduled to visit Spain on May 3-4, Croatia on June 5-8, Bosnia on June 22, and Slovakia on Sept. 11-14.

Review board to begin interviewing bishops

I think I've blogged an article about this guy before, but here's another one:

Evangelist who looks like Jesus and doesn't wear shoes won't say his name, either.

No, he won't do any of that, but he has a nice-lookin' website.


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