Thursday, January 9

In case you were thinking about it...

Vatican says you can't IM your confession

Vatican document to examine the response of politicians to morally unjust and imperfect laws.

Vatican sends envoys to New Zealand to figure out how to help sailors.

"These are people who are away from their families and homes for months on end, and who have to deal with the intense stress of high-level international regattas," Tronche told Reuters by telephone as he was about to board a plane to New Zealand. "They are a new and growing community of seafarers and we want to convey to them the interest of the Church and ask them what they want from the Church." Tronche heads the Roman Catholic Church's Apostleship of the Sea, which runs "Stella Maris" centres that have offered religious support to merchant and military seamen for over 80 years.

Well. Seems like there's a little, tiny difference between merchant and military seamen and rich people racing yachts. Not that the latter don't need ministry, but.....well, it sounds like a nice trip for Father Tronche.

Here's a nice site on prayer I just ran across.

NY Educators still re-writing literature for the Regents' Exam:

They promised they'd stop it, but they did it again.Last June, after a parent caught them red-handed, New York State education officials promised to stop sanitizing literary excerpts on the state high school Regents exams. But a review of the most recent state exam, given in August, reveals that they did it again, this time altering Franz Kafka and sanitizing Aldous Huxley.Worse yet, a historian quoted on the exam believes that a test question based on his work has more than one correct answer. If he is right, it may mean that some high school students who failed the August test actually passed and could be eligible for a diploma.

Wow, there's some fascinating stuff in the comments section on my nun post below. Good stories, excellent analysis. Go there.

On the IHM's in LA: in his book, Fialka gives a balanced assesment of the situation. For a long time, I thought the collapse of the order there was soley because of the Rogerian stuff, but Fialka points out (as does a commenter) that conflicts with Cardinal McIntyre played a vital role as well. It probably was more directly responsible for the sudden exodus of 400 nuns from a community of 600.

Also, thanks to a reader for giving the address of the website for the fund to aid aging religious. SOAR.

Rockville Centre issues denials

The Diocese of Rockville Centre, in its official newspaper, denies that a top official asked the Rev. Michael Hands to lie about his charges that he was molested as a teenager by Msgr. Charles "Bud" Ribaudo.

The Long Island Catholic article published yesterday, however, headlined "Diocese denies charges printed last week," reveals that there are additional allegations of sexual abuse against Ribaudo, a popular Oyster Bay pastor who retired in March.

Ribaudo continues to strongly deny any abuse allegation whether it is from Hands or others, said Wesley Wood, a marketing executive and trustee of St. Dominic parish, who is serving as a spokesman for Ribaudo. "Totally, absolutely, he denies any sexual contact with anyone," said Wood. He said he discussed the Long Island Catholic article by telephone with Ribaudo, who is traveling in Florida. "He hasn't had a chance to defend himself" in any diocesan tribunal, Wood said.

...The Long Island Catholic article affirms that Murphy removed Ribaudo, a popular priest and prolific fund-raiser, from ministry in March 2002, after the mushrooming sex abuse scandal in Boston forced the new bishop to review the files of Nassau and Suffolk priests. Murphy, after asking for "a more extensive analysis," began a "conversation" with Ribaudo. "At that point, Monsignor Ribaudo asked for permission to retire because he could not simultaneously manage his health, the stress associated with the allegations, and the running of the parish," according to the article.

The article goes on to say that after Hands' charges became public in April 2002, "new allegations came forth" and were reported to the appropriate civil authorities. The diocese does not make mention of who made the charges, or how many there were or when the abuse allegedly occurred. Legal sources in and outside the diocese, however, said there are at least six and possibly as many as a dozen other complaints against Ribaudo.

Paterson Diocese to send four cases of abuse accusations to Rome

Good move, Mr. Mayor:

A few months ago I blogged an article about the large numbers of Somalis moving to Lewiston, Maine. 1,100 have arrived since February 2001 in this city with a populartion of about 36,000. The numbers have put a strain on social services, understandably, but you have to wonder about a mayor who publicly asks poor, dark-skinned immigrants to stop coming to his largely white, French town. (populated, we wearily point out, by the descendants of immigrants who were not exactly welcomed to the region by the Anglo types (whom my mother, born in NH and raised in Maine) said were referred to by the French as "Johnny Bulls")

But the mayor went ahead and said it. Which then encouraged racist groups to enter the scene, to the point of planning a rally , which will continue despite the arrest of its main speaker, Matthew Hale, leader of the World Church of the Creator:

Hale decided to speak in Lewiston after Mayor Laurier Raymond asked Somalis to stop moving to the mostly Franco-American, Roman Catholic city. Raymond said the city was "maxed-out financially, physically and emotionally" because more than 1,100 Somalis have moved there since February 2001. Hale planned to give a speech entitled "The Invasion of Maine by Somalis and How We Can End It."

The story today is Bishop McCormack, whose depositions in the Shanley case were released yesterday.

The Boston Herald's story

the Globe's

And some excerpts from the deposition, including his now-infamous explanation of the difference between a priest's sexual involvement with a male parishioner and a non-parishioner, an explanation of his continued friendship with Shanley, and his account of why he rejected constant requests to notify parishioners of a priest's abuse.

Does anyone know a Moonie chick we can set this guy up with?

Don't even say what you're thinking....

Will wonders never cease...

NPR runs a story on the Shrine of the Holy Relics in Maria Stein, Ohio


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