Thursday, December 19

Gray Davis banned from playing Santa at Catholic children's home because....

Well, you can guess:

Despite a 20-year tradition of California governors delivering Christmas gifts to the St. Patrick's Home for Children, the school's director barred Davis from school grounds unless he would ask forgiveness for and disavow his views on abortion. Monsignor Edward J. Cavanaugh, director of the home since 1952, asked the governor to sign a letter declaring that he repents "of ever having promoted the killing of innocent unborn children." "We don't let any pro-abortion people in our grounds here," Cavanaugh said. "He should get his life together and he should change his whole philosophy on the unborn. He should stand up for the sanctity of human life."

Davis refused to sign the letter, and instead invited children from the home to the state Capitol to fetch their gifts. "He's entitled to his point of view and I'm entitled to mine. I'm unapologetically pro-choice and I'm not changing my position," Davis said. "Having said this, the tradition is about children, not grown-ups, I didn't want the kids to be disappointed."

It's okay for them to be dead, just not disappointed.

Don't look for much blogging today. You can blame

a)Richard Bausch, who wrote this book that kept me planted to the couch until way too late, literally unable to put it down until it was finished.

b)work that really must get done today.

I'll probably be back in full form either tonight or tomorrow - but tomorrow's pretty busy, too, so don't hold your breath.

In the meantime, you might want to keep your eye on Philadelphia. A Norbertine priest faces an indecent assault charges (not with a minor, but a YMCA whirlpool with a "mentally challenged" man...).

In addition, the fury over the supposedly restricted child-porn priest continues. The Cardinal (have you ever seen his house? Now there's some apostolic poverty for ya. Anyway.) has said he was unaware of the situation and at a loss to explain why the pastor allowed the priest to minister publicly on occasion. Said this at a press conference yesterday.


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