Tuesday, December 3

In case you were wondering....why books cost so much...from Salon.

What should we call the big green thing in the living room?

An impressive outreach to the homeless in Atlanta

You know that Bishop Loverde of Arlington is under fire for how he's dealt with whistleblowing priest Fr. Haley. Here are two stories about yesterday's protest of the Bishop, sponsored by the group Roman Catholic Faithful:

From the WaPo


from the WaTimes

According to the Post, RCF isn't ending its efforts with the protest:

In a posting on its Web site, Roman Catholic Faithful said it is contacting priests in three dioceses where Loverde has worked "seeking information regarding Bishop Loverde's lifestyle and his past.""His actions definitely suggest that there is something in his background that would explain why he is protecting the secrecy and privacy of priests who are stashing pornography and running around with women," Brady said.

Well, it looks like Blogger is finally back up after sleeping in this morning. But it also looks like I have to do some work, so come back later this afternoon if blogging's what you're after.

A few thoughts in the Advent spirit here.


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