Friday, October 11

Interesting: the new Opus Dei HQ in NYC, described on a page on its architect's site:

It may be seen as the functional equivalent of a convent and a rectory combined in one building; and including a conference center at the top. The program is extremely complex and requires that the architect deal with such issues as:
* Separate entrances for men an women, on separate streets.
* The design of seven chapels and sacristies and their service requirements.
* Six dining rooms, all served from one kitchen.
* Separate on-site parking for men and women.
* Generous lobby and foyer spaces with multiple staircases connecting levels.
* Separation visually and acoustically of men and women within the building.

Reminder to Boston donors: If you'd just given the money directly to organizations doing good work in the first place, it wouldn't be languishing in the VOTF bank account after all these months.
You. Are. Kidding. Me.


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