Wednesday, August 7

Dear Abby creator has Alzheimer's
Cuban bishop denounces those who helped WYD defectors:

A Roman Catholic bishop said Wednesday that young Cubans were pressured to stay in Canada during Pope John Paul II's visit there last month."Never before has a church delegation been wrapped up in something similar," said Bishop Carlos Baladron, president of the youth commission of Cuba's Conference of Catholic Bishops."From our first days in Canada there were notable pressures by some people living there ... exhorting the Cubans not to return to their country," Baladron said in a statement sent to international news organizations.

Three articles on Mel Gibson's messiah complex:





Fr. Rob Johansen has some more insight into Jennifer Granholm and her parish as well as the news that he'll be interviewed on Kresta tomorrow about his review of GBGM and subsequent controversies.
A WaPo article about the controversy over the required reading at the University of North Carolina

You might be interested to know that Shoutin' Bill and the Catholic League have, made a quite reasonable case in support of the university. Here's their statement.

The Detroit Free Press looks at its area member of the Plenary Eight
The priest who abused Michael Bland, former priest and member of the bishop's review board, has finally been identified and removed from ministry.
From CNS, the names of the Plenary Eight:

In a five-page background paper two of the signers, Auxiliary Bishop Allen H. Vigneron of Detroit and Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Helena, Mont., outlined what the proposed plenary council would do and some of the pros and cons of convening such a council.The others who signed the letter were Archbishop Daniel A. Cronin of Hartford, Conn.; Archbishop James P. Keleher of Kansas City, Kan.; Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb of Mobile, Ala.; Archbishop John G. Vlazny of Portland, Ore.; Bishop Raymond L. Burke of La Crosse, Wis.; and Bishop Daniel N. DiNardo of Sioux City, Iowa.

I confess, I know nothing substantial about any of these guys. But, as Rod Dreher says in The Corner, it's surprising who's not on the list. I'm sure many expected that this charge was being led by Bruskewitz of Lincoln, but guess what - he's not even on the list of initial signers. Insight into the rest welcome.

Hmmmm...another side to Fr. Doc, as cited in Michael's blog: he defended a display of small crosses put up in memory of the unborn. So what's the deal? Why can't he see the connection between law and morality? Why has he been blindsided by choice?
More on how Dead Anti-Catholic Bigots Still Threaten School Choice
Don't just sit there. Don't even just vote. Do Something.
It's only just begun:

Granholm wins primary

The Choice Follies continue.

And the unborn babies celebrate, relieved that their right to choose is safe. But wait....if they don't have the right to live, what good is....Gee, that's a tough one. Guess I'll have to ask Fr. Doc about that.


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