Wednesday, July 31

Here's an account of today's canonization Mass.

<Here's a photo of indigenous dancers in front of the Pope and here's another.

I watched the Mass off and on, with a trip to Sam's Warehouse somewhere in the middle. Watched in on EWTN, Univision and Galavision to get the whole experience. The nicest moment, I thought, was after the declaration of canonization, rose petals were dropped and showered down on the congregation from the ceiling.

Millenials supposedly more spiritual than their boomer parents.

For a deeper look, you might be interested in this book, forthcoming in September from Loyola Press:

The New Faithful: Why Young Adults Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy

I didn't know that there'd been a dust-up about the Democratic National Committee listing Faux-Catholics for No-Choice on the party website as a "website of interest" under the "Catholic" category. The Catholic League has spoken up on the matter.

Here's the page in question. I'm sure if you look, you can find an email address to which to direct your objections, as well.

And, we're moved to ask, why does the DNC offer a special category of "Catholic" links anyway? There's also a slew of "Jewish American" links, but no general "religion" links or "Protestant" links. Why would the DNC feel the need to do this? Well, it's obvious, isn't it? Before they added the other link, CFFC was the only "Catholic" link on the list. Get your stray curious Catholic on the website, point him or her towards CFFC. A nice service, brought to you by the Democratic party.

From Newsday: An article about a molesting priest and the nice letter he got from his bishop

After finishing six months of psychiatric treatment in the wake of a complaint that he sexually abused a 10-year-old altar boy, the Rev. Andrew Millar returned to Long Island in 1999 and told the Diocese of Rockville Centre he wanted to retire.Writing in response, then-Bishop John McGann thanked Millar for his 41 years of "priestly goodness" and said he was pleased Millar had agreed to reside in a parish in Manorville where he could assist a pastor who was going on a sabbatical. Eight months later, Millar was arrested at Tobay Beach for sodomizing a 15-year-old Great Neck boy who is learning disabled. He later pleaded guilty.McGann's Sept. 1, 1999 letter, which has come to light in a civil lawsuit against the diocese, does not mention any sexual abuse concerns about Millar. The bishop did note that he hoped the diocesan retirement benefits would allow Millar "to live the ongoing years of your priesthood in the dignity and respect to which you are entitled."

Well, I've felt neither smart nor sassy today, obviously. I think my two hours of super-early work took it out of me. Not much stamina here, I guess. And I still have a manuscript to proof before tomorrow.

Well, other bloggers are doing just fine without me, filling the 'sphere with wit, wisdom and justly dished-out scorn. The comments section on the Sects in Guatemala post has produced some interesting reading as well.

Light blogging so far. I had an article to write, which I did - the baby slept extra late this morning, so I had no choice but to take advantage of his lethargy and use that time for work. And now I have other stuff to do, so...later!

BTW - the nap pictures are victims of limited bandwidth at Earthlink. They will be back up tomorrow.

Today is the feast of Ignatius of Loyola.

Here's a link to basic infomation and more links.

Take a gander at the not-exactly-ecumenical language in this article from Zenit about the Church in Guatemala

Brother Pedro de San José de Betancur's canonization could give a boost to the Church in Guatemala, a country overrun with non-Catholic sects. According to some experts, over the past 30 years, Protestant groups and assorted religious sects have succeeded in attracting 30% of the population.

An interesting article, anyway.


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