Saturday, June 29

In case you're wondering (and thanks to those of you who are and have offered prayers!), Joseph seems to be better - although I am, I admit, sitting here with him on my lap, snoozing away. Him, not me. He is just not sleeping well lying flat, so I'll just hold him all night. Again. Anyway, the doctor claims it's naught but a throat infection, and I guess I'll believe him and just shove the magic pink elixir so familiar to all parents into the baby's system. He had his first real haircut today - at the barber's. He looks like such a big boy now - I'll post pictures tomorrow.
Writers of the NY Regents' Exam strangely make their presence felt in British theater world:

To avoid offense, theater company changes name of Hunchback of Notre Dame

Oddsocks Productions has renamed its touring production "The Bellringer of Notre Dame" after discussions with a disability adviser raised the possibility of offending people with spina bifida or the disfiguring scoliosis of the spine.


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