Monday, April 1

Something I meant to add to the post below:

Just who does this guy think he is? Imposing himself on the liturgy like that? It's something that the author of Why Catholics Can't Sing wrote about (I can't remember his name - Day - I think. I'm in a hotel room with one eye on Joseph - don't have time to look it up). He said that the number one problem of post-Vatican II liturgies was the rise of the Ego - not just on the presider's part but on the part of all liturgical ministers. It bespeaks a deep lack of faith in God, a lack of trust that God can do his work through the liturgy without our constantly adding our own "insights" or overwhelming presence to the business.

Anyway. We are about ready to head off - maybe through Lancaster, so we can compare their Amish to our Amish. Come back this evening for a report from Atlantic City!


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