Tuesday, February 26

You remember that New York's Attorney General has gone to battle with Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Here's an interesting column that addresses the question of "why" with the most dependable answer of all: $$$$$
Here's my response to this week's Newsweek cover, featuring Cardinal Law in all his glory and the headline, "Sex, Shame and Catholic Church." Thanks a lot, guys. A big, hearty thanks from all of us out here trying, in our own small ways, to share the Catholic faith with the world, whether it be in the classroom, in the family, in RCIA, or in the workplace. Thanks a lot for putting something -what? - clerical culture, a fear of exposure - before the well-being of children and the real needs of the Church. Thanks for interrupting the Catholic Moment for a very, very long time.

Good, sad, reflection by Kenneth Woodward, though.

A gorgeous snow last night. It started falling about eleven, the rain that had been coming down suddenly changing clothes and putting on thick, fluffly white jackets. There is nothing more hauntingly beautiful than a steady snowfall in the dark of night.

And for the school kids, the best of all possible worlds: A two-hour delay of the opening bell. They got that extra sleep they always crave, but they don't have to miss a whole day which would, at this point in the game, have to be made up at the end of the year.


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