Monday, February 25

Good News: Joseph's two top teeth are coming in nicely.

Bad News He's discovered the art of grinding his top and bottom teeth together. Aaaargh.

I've posted a list of speaking engagements and appearances on the home page.
John Wayne's grandson is a newly-ordained Catholic priest.
Well. Light at the end of one tunnel reached. New tunnels on the horizon.

I finished Prove It: Prayer over the weekend and sent it to my editor. I'm pleased with it. The next task is to revise my outline for the long-awaited sequel to The Loyola Kids' Book of Saints and then work on the book on Jesus' parables.

I had a nice radio interview this morning with Kay Browne, host of a program called "Music and More" on WCAR, Michigan Catholic Radio. It's taped, so I don't know when the interview will air.


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