Thursday, February 14

Richard John Neuhaus debates Peter Singer.
Australian priest problems.

Apparently, the guy won a competition which then enabled him to do a Survivor- type stint in a prison for three weeks. Some of the challenges he was asked to perform were not exactly in tune with his station:

During the competition the 38-year-old priest was made to share a cell with a strip club manager and read an extract from Penthouse magazine as part of one of the challenges

He won. And donated his winnings to a charity. But - all was not well up on his return:

But after he returned to Sydney he discovered his parish priest Brian Larkey had resigned in protest over the incident and Father Kevin was asked to move to Penrith in Sydney's outer west after many of the older parishioners complained.

Italian priest problems.
The Vatican's missionary news service says that dozens of Roman Catholic priests and bishops are being detained or watched in China. I like this part:

Fides also accused the European Union and the United States of being sympathetic to China "because of its enormous market and its support for the war on terror."

"In this context, human and political rights are the last worry," Fides said.

Good quiz that someone has posted on the FreeRepublic Website asking you to identify the speaker of various quotes: Is it Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger or Aryan Nation leader Tom Metzger?
Bill O'Reilly goes after HBO's top programming executive for his networks supposed near-pornography. Geez, Bill. Did you know HBO was a subscription service that you have to pay for to have come into your home? Did you know that the Fox network isn't? Did you know that for the most part, Fox network programming is wall-to-wall garbage, the trashy ads for which, from Boston Public to That 70's Show routinely air on Fox sporting broadcasts, broadcasts that are viewed by kids? Go after the dirt in your own house, please.
New York Crisis Pregnancy Centers are fighting back against their state's Attorney General, who has recently started legal action clearly intended to shut the places down. Good for them - for helping women and children, and for fighting back.
Another good page of Lenten resources from the University of Dayton


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