Tuesday, February 5

A couple of weeks ago, I read Bernard Goldberg's book, Bias. It was a short, entertaining read, although the most entertaining parts had already been generously excerpted in various reviews and articles. It was, I should add, more than a little self-serving.

Another book on media bias is out, one that's apparently more balanced in tone and a little deeper in argumentation: Coloring the News by William McGurn.

A good blog about media matters by an anonymous media guy is Media Minded. Well worth reading is his continuing saga of slipshod, lazy, stereotype-bound reporting he's encountered in Profiles in Discourage.

An essay on anti-Semitism from the WSJ (originally in Commentary). A valuable corrective to the overwrought and misguided concern about anti-Muslim feelings post 9/11. Attacks against Muslims haven't risen in the past six months, especially in Europe. Attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions have.


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