Tuesday, January 1

Here's a collection of notable quotes from 2001, some insightful, others just dumb. One that caught my eye was uttered by Politically Incorrect's Bill Maher, and no, it wasn't the one about cowardly US servicepeople. This one was just as bad, if not worse:

"I have two dogs. If I had retarded children, I'd be a hero. And yet, the dogs are pretty much the same thing."

--Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect. When program guest Cynthia Garrett of NBC said she had a "nephew who is retarded" whom she has "never thought of as a little dog," Maher responded, "Well maybe you should."

What a complete and utter jerk. I feel sorry for his dogs.

Well, Happy New Year to all. It's 1:06 am (despite what the clock on this entry says) and Joseph insisted on staying up to wish everyone the best. Actually, he was asleep until about 11:30, at which point he woke up screaming bloody murder, and kept it up until about 12:20 - very unusual behavior. I thought for sure it was an earache (he's had a cold for a few days) and we would begin 2002 in the hospital emergency room. He wouldn't stop crying, he wouldn't nurse - he was miserable. Finally, Michael started walking him around, and within a minute or two there was a good old belch and suddenly Joseph was all smiles. He's still all smiles. And, considering how fortunate I am to have a healthy, cheery baby at my side, so am I.


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