Monday, December 3

Speaking of secular Advent calendars, here you go: The world's largest Advent calendar was unveiled in England last week. It's essentially a billboard, which means it's essentially a billboard: for Coca-Cola. Check it out:

Giant Advent calendar unveiled

Advent has begun, and as I noted on the main page, I am not going to have time this year to offer any daily reflections, as I did last year. Not that the world is clamoring or anything, but still.

Let me point you in the direction of some good Advent resources: There are lots of online Advent calendars, but I like this one very much: the Artcyclopedia Advent Calendar offers fine art and substantive reflections each day.

More Advent links can be found at the always trustworthy Religious Education Webzine site.

We have a Giving Tree at church. You know - a Christmas tree festooned with gift tags upon which are written requests and needs from various needy folk via whatever charitable agency is sponsoring it. In browsing the tree for a good tag or two for us to take, I saw one which really took me aback: "Game for Playstation2". A Playstation2 costs $300. I mean, I really want to help people out, but this is absurd. I think if you can afford the hardware, you can probably swing the software, too.
I think IT is pretty nifty. Of course, I don't quite see how it fits into lifestyles that involve more than shooting to and from work. Where do you put the kids? Where do you pack the groceries?


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