Monday, November 12

Okay. This is scary. Remember all of those web pages you created, played with, then forgot about, moving on from one free hosting to the next, forgetting your passwords, leaving your files as you went?

They're still there. At least some of them are. The Way Back Internet Archive has a huge cache of webpages they're preserving for posterity, including yours. You have to know the URL, but if you do, you can have lots of fun. Or not.

Like I said, scary.

Airplane crashes are horrible. Just horrible. Perhaps someone out there can give some insight into this, but I am particularly struck by the usage of the term "souls" to describe the number of passengers on ill-fated flights - I first heard it when golfer Payne Stewart's plane crashed several years ago...

255 souls on board...

The cause doesn't matter, really. Terrorist or "just" mechanical failure: still ....255 souls...

Our need to placate Muslim nations wears me out. After all, wherever one finds a Muslim-controlled state, one invariably finds religious repression and possibly even persecution, especially of Christians. A brief article in The National Review Online today gives but one small example, describing an interview with the-then minister of tourism of Jordan:

. All was serene until he was asked why Muslims were not allowed to change their religion in Jordan. Muslims could convert to Christianity, he said smoothly, but they must expect to suffer, if not die for their new faith. After all, he added, Christ died for them.

One could almost hear jaws drop around the room. He was quite cold about it.

And Jordan is considered one of the more friendly countries toward its Christian minority; in fact, only Lebanon is said to be freer.

Whoops. Make that Tuesday at 3:30 pm EST on Kresta. My bad, as the kids say.


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