Monday, November 5

Today, we remember St. Elizabeth, mother of St. John the Baptist and someone for all old ladies with little babies to find hope in.
Pretty wretched day yesterday, with me being painfully, comprehensively ill, lying on the couch, able to do little more than watch the Colts win, the Bucs lose, and Shane Matthews (U. of Florida, of course) save the Chicago Bears, direct David in the preparation of dinner, have the baby brought to me to be fed, then a shadow of pleasure at the first-season ending episode of The Sopranos. Then came nighttime, and my unheeded, alway courteous requests to the baby to please, please, sleep, which didn't finally happen until 11:30, and then preceeded only sporadically from that point on. Better today, after a pretty ominous start: had to print out Katie's rock and mineral report, which we didn't get to yesterday because of the way I felt, and, unbelievably, my computer froze up twice, and then during the third attempt, the power went out in the house for ten seconds - enough to necessitate starting the whole process again. Maybe the day will get better. Maybe not - we're having the fireplace/chimney inspected and cleaned. Who knows what they'll find.


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