Monday, September 24

A pleasant, if tiring weekend. Christopher made it up and back safely. It was, of course, a football weekend - watching it on TV on Saturday and attending the Colts' game on Sunday - he and David, that is. Michael and I took them down, hung out watching that and other games on televisions in various establishments downtown, then brought David back as Christopher made his way back down to Knoxville. I was a pretty proud Mom all weekend - my brood is turning out pretty well. I like it especially when the 16 and 19-year old boys (men?) fight (gently) over who gets to hold the baby.

I need to get my work head together - several mid-sized projects need my attention, and I think there are articles I need to write, but I'm not sure. I would also like to get some substantive words down about our present situation, particularly about the Church's response to it. Working on it.


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