Thursday, September 20

A routine reminder of my favorite links, some of which you might also enjoy: The National Review Online , the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal , Arts and Letters Daily , Andrew Sullivan's site , Relapsed Catholic, and Lucianne Golberg's site. They've all been good during the past week, but I have to give special note to Lucianne. The site is sort of like Free Republic, in that people post articles and then discuss them. What I like it for is the daily note at the top of the page - since the attacks, Lucianne's comments have been particularly incisive and even moving sometimes. Always sensible, too.
It's after eleven o'clock and do you know where your baby is? Mine's rolling around the floor of my study, ripping a Land's End catalogue into damp shreds. He can't believe his luck, and he keeps looking at me as if he's expecting me to disrupt his ecstasy at any moment.
A good speech by our president. In fact, it was just about perfect. Said what needed to be said, didn't say anything unecessary. He described the conflict in exactly the right way: it's not with Islam, but with this peculiar misuse/perversion of Islam. Like many of you, of course, one-third of me was listening to the speech, one-third was wondering how Bill Clinton would find a moment in such a speech to be self-referential, and one-third was fervently thanking God that Al Gore isn't president.
Infinite Justice may have a short life, after all. The name, at least.


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