Monday, September 10

Joseph and I are both sick. We don't know who started it, so he can't blame me, and I can't blame him. He's got the beginnings of a ear and throat infection and when he coughs, he sounds like a dog barking. (So much for my - my-baby's-breastfeeding-and-not-in-daycare-so-he'll-never-get-sick arrogance.) He's on the medicine every parent knows well - the pink, bubble-gum flavored elixer called amoxicillin (that supposedly all the germs are getting immune to, requiring the use of incredibly expensive antibiotics later...I am still not so sure about all of that).

I finished writing Prove It:Jesus last week, and really, really hope to get Prove It: Prayer done in the next month or so. In preparation, I'm reading several books on, of course, prayer. I'm also waiting for a review copy of The Big Fall Novel, The Corrections by Jonathon Franzen.

A new distraction....

Welcome to the latest detour on my quest to conquer, rather than be conquered by the Internet. It's called a Web Log, or, in geek shorthand, a Blog. In my mind, it's really just a visually more sophisticated and much easier to maintain venue for the personal webpage. I am going to be using it as a replacement for most of what I have been putting in the "Personal News" and "What I'm Reading" sections of the webpage. There are some forms of Blogs which can incorporate reader comments, but from what I can see, they involved a degree of programming knowledge that I don't have and don't have any interest in spending time on developing. So we'll just keep it simple.


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