Tuesday, October 23

Here we are again. I guess I should be flattered that Joseph likes to hang out with me so much when everyone else is asleep. So I might as well surf and tell you what I've seen while he lies on the floor playing with his box'o'toys

Here's a writer I've just discovered : Jim Lileks, a columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, as well as the author of several books. His website has several sections, including the Institute of Official Cheer, which allows you to relive (or be introduced to) some of the most painfully lame moments of 20th century pop culture. I'm finding his daily Bleats very entertaining. Here are some his reflections on The News:

Since I usually watch the news in the evening, I’ve seen a good deal of Brian Williams; he always seems to be leaning forward into a stiff wind, and he communicates bad or important news by leaning forward some more; I expect him to topple over the desk some day. Fox has some women who were clearly hired for their perky bubble-babe quotient, and are now forced to be grim and serious, but they also have two of the sharpest female anchors I’ve seen in a while. (Fox also has a male version of the pin-up variety, a fellow named Sheperd Smith; he looks like a grown-up DC superhero sidekick.) I cannot stand Judy Woodruff, who always seems so pained and disappointed that It Has Come To This.

Under the category of "Articles that can't be for real:"

Monastery installs firemen's pole for late monks:

An Austrian monastery has installed a firemen's pole to make sure monks get to their prayers on time.

The pole runs from their second floor sleeping quarters to the ground floor, where religious sessions take place.

The head of Pupping Monastery, in Northern Austria, came up with the idea during renovations which left little room for a staircase.

As I said, hard to believe, but apparently true. The story appeared in the London Telegraph - I found a link to it, but can't get to the article itself.

Sounds like a scene from a Monty Python skit, doesn't it?


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