Friday, October 26

Ah. Finally, a bit of peace. Just a few things to share before I go to The Corrections for a while.

Speaking of Harry Potter, apparently, the movie is clocking in at about two-and-a-half hours, and some are fretting that it can't possibly hold a child's attention at that length. Whose children are they talking about? The kids who've sat all but motionless for hours, reading all four books in the series, over and over? Those kids? Nah. As the article I've linked mentions, Harry Potter fans would be far more irritated with a shorter film that leaves out the cool stuff they're looking forward to seeing on the screen. They'll only be bored if the movie's boring.

Maybe smallpox wouldn't be such an absolute nightmare scenario as we think, according to this article in Slate. (Hate the redesign, by the way.) Some evidence indicates that the immunity given by the vaccine can last up to fifty years, and experience has shown that aggressive vaccination once the disease pops up can stem an epidemic.

Tommorow, Michael and I are giving presentations at our parish's Spiritfest, a day-long adult education event. He's speaking on Discernment of Spirits, while I'm speaking on Answering Teens' Tough Faith Questions. He's threatening to do his in the voice of Billy Bob Thornton as Carl from Sling Blade. Mustard and biscuits anyone?

Figured the whole Halloween/All Saints' costumes dilemma. We found a pattern in which the same dress could serve as the basis for both costumes, so maybe the Nightmare Weekend of Sewing won't be so bad, after all.

According to Michael, Prove It: Church is #2 on the Catholic Booksellers' Association bestseller list of books for children and youth. For next month. Don't quite know how that works, but I guess I'm proud anyway.


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