Monday, April 29

Graduation Gifts for Catholics

Here's a great graduation gift, for either high school or college grads:
Here, Now. A Catholic Guide to the Good life. 
It's a book, quite simply, about discipleship, written for young adult Catholics.

Tuesday, April 23

May, the Rosary and Mary

Michael Dubruiel conceived and put together the small hardbound book, Praying the Rosary.  Click on the cover for more information.

Wednesday, April 10

Amy Welborn on Instagram

You can follow me on Webstagram here. 
I'm still fairly fuzzy on the where and how, but Webstagram is a browser application through which you can see people's Instagram photos.

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Sunday, April 7

Amy Welborn Free e-book

Amy Welborn's book Mary and the Christian Life, has been out of print for a couple of years, so I am offering a .pdf file of the text at no cost to anyone interested.

Go to this page and click on the link to download!

Amy Welborn


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