Wednesday, July 9


An inquirer comes to you. Asks you what's so great about being Catholic. What do you say?

We've had a little rain lately:

Click on the pic for the full effect.

That's a shot of the golf course across the street. Probably the 16th hole, I guess. I dunno. All I know is that I walked over there, saw the bird, and thought I was in Florida. Getting around this town in these kind of conditions is even worse than dealing with snow. Katie had an orthodontist appointment, but that road the office fronted on was flooded and the waters were threatening the office, so they moved today's appointments to an office in another area of town, but getting there, I had to go practically around town because almost every bridge on this end is out, it seems...but I'm not complaining, because we're on relatively high land, far enough from the river, and we're not pumping water out of our living room. It's bad up here, folks. Crops, whole towns under water.

Catholic Relief Services and the US bishops urge deployment of US and international forces to Liberia

Archbishop Michael Francis of Monrovia has stated his belief that if Taylor leaves the country before security forces arrive, government and rebel forces "would destroy the capital." Archbishop Francis also has called for U.S. intervention. Meanwhile, in Pretoria, South Africa, President Bush pledged today that the United States will "be involved" in war-torn Liberia but said he would not overextend U.S. armed forces if he sends troops there to join a peacekeeping force, the Associated Press said. Catholic Relief Services, in its statement, said: "While the United States' support to Liberia should be discrete, with a clearly defined exit strategy, it should be of a level and length of commitment that encourages Liberia's return to economic and political viability; helps to usher in a fruitful Liberian peace process; and fosters regional stability."

Sean Gallagher chimes in:

Other such conflicts and labeling has happened in every age and place in which the Church has found itself. It is emblematic of the struggle for us to reconcile the divine perfection to which we are called with the human brokenness in which we live here on earth. In such a reconciliation there will indeed be no labels at all, be they Jew and Gentile, liberal and conservative.

150 priest-pilots gather in Iowa

Vatican reports deficit

There were plans today, in Iran, for massive student demonstrations. Under a threat from the government, the demonstrations have been cancelled.

Many blogs were going to focus today on the struggle for freedom in Iran, and that focus continues, despite the cancellation.

Oxblog has coverage, as does On the Third Hand

An NRO article about the regime's threats to the protests, both in Iran and elsewhere.

Her nuns seek to copyright Mother Teresa's name.

The passing of the conjoined Iranian twins really saddened me. They were so brave, so optimistic, so hopeful...

But leave it to the press to be just...odd about the whole thing. This morning, on my walk, I was listening to NPR, and the reporter on this story said, "Well, as someone here [in Singapore] just said to least they finally got what they wanted - to be separated." And if you thought that couldn't be topped, you thought wrong, for the host responded, "I guess this was a situation in which the surgery was successful but the patients died."

Which was, later in the day, matched for stupidity by CBS' John Roberts, who closed that network's report on the sad news with a wry half-smile and something like, "The unquenchable desire for independence."

Sometimes people just need to be - quiet.


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