Wednesday, April 2

From Catholic Exchange: An interview with an Iraqi Jesuits about Christians in Iraq

For the record, his assertion that Hussein has tolerated all Christians is belied by this New Republic piece by Jonathon Cohn (the link requires registration or subscription, unfortunately) which delineates the different way Hussein has treated the Assyrian Christians (persecution) and the Chaldean Christians (toleration, but with some recent signs of repression)

Ain't got time to blog this morning or afternoon. The end is in sight - the end of the Matthew's Passion book. I should be able to finish it up today and then put the finishing touches on an OSV column, and then I'll have but a CNS column left to do, and I'm basically done with the heavy lifting for the week.

But...I will leave you with a couple of things. One has nothing to do with the war, but is worth a read, and although I am a person with great loyalties to the South and a deeply held opposition to any kind of sterotypical slaps at Southerners of any shape, size or type, I still can't resist linking this story as:

Only in Alabama?

Well, I guess not, since our story actually starts in Louisiana.


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