Sunday, March 2

Philippines to promote Natural Family Planning (scroll down past the headlines)

Cambodia bans Christians from proseltyzing

Secular French goverment makes Muslims get themselves organized.

Iranian youths arrested for arranging dates over the internet

On Kucinich's flip-flop

A friend of mine makes it a point to thank politicians who share his commitment to the pro-life cause whenever the opportunity presents itself. A few years ago, he approached his congressman, Dennis Kucinich, and thanked him for standing up for the unborn despite the pressures of belonging to a pro-choice party.

"I am very consistent on this issue," Kucinich replied. "I don't eat meat."

Peter Vere expresses reservations about the war

The New Republic has several thoughtful articles - generally supportive of war, but doubtful of the administration's grasp of the full implications of the needs of foreign policy, if that makes sense. Scroll down, especially, to the articles by Berman, Sachs, and Power.

An Iraqi Christian village waits with hope

Rats to this

Monday Morning Blogging, which I usually try to finish on Sunday night, will be spread throughout Monday. Michael's in California with the laptop, (coming back late Monday night, then off again to Gethsemani. In Kentucky, that is.) and I've got my dear PC in my study, but it's slow (especially on a Sunday night), and if I spend much time in here tomorrow while Joseph's awake...there will be no house left by the end of it, and perhaps no baby. (Note to self: Almost two. Not a baby.)

But do come back - there's lots to blog and lots to say..


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