Monday, January 13

Four city schools to close in Philly Archdiocese

Students from the three North Philadelphia schools will join a larger, multi-parish school at Holly Innocents Parish. Surveys conducted in 2001 at the three parishes indicated that almost a third of families at those parishes planned to move out of the area in less than four years

In case you haven't seen The Blog of the Rings, you should. (via Instapundit)

Not to speak of the "If LOTR had been written by someone else" thread on the Straight Dope discussion board.

Oh, my word...

I may blog later, but maybe not. I have a lot of work to do, and had to take an unexpected, and probably unnecessary trip to the hospital ER this morning on behalf of Joseph, who woke up crying, grabbing the back of his neck, saying, "Ow, ow, ow." If it had abated after ten minutes, I would have thought it nothing, but it didn't, and an hour later, he was still saying it, and wincing when I turned the corner taking Katie to school and so on. Took him to the doctor, who referred him to the ER. To make a long story short: they say it's not meningitis, just soreness from a slight viral infection (aka cold). I hope they're right. They probably are. But it was still an awfully strange reaction...


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