Tuesday, November 26

An early report of the Law/VOTF meeting

The cardinal, leader of the Boston Archdiocese, "squarely told us he was concerned about who we are and who we aspire to be," said Jim Post, Voice's president. Four leaders from the group, formed this year by Catholics upset with the church's failure to rid the clergy of sexually abusive priests, met privately with the cardinal at the chancery for more than two hours. Law twice told the Voice representatives that he wished they had consulted with him before forming their organization, said Bill Cadigan, vice president of the group. "We saw that there are areas that we agree on and others that we don't," Cadigan said. "We didn't solve all of our problems in this meeting."

What happens when a church sponsors a Habitat for Humanity home

and the people it's for are an unmarried couple living together?

This site wants your spam

The company hopes to amass at least 10 million spam samples within a year, said Paul Judge, the company's director of research and development. The project is already well on its way there, he said, thanks to dozens of anti-spam activists who have donated junk e-mails from their in-boxes -- from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand. Unsolicited bulk e-mail is at an all-time high, according to firms that track it. Spam now accounts for roughly 40 percent of all e-mail, up from less than 10 percent early last year, according to anti-spam service provider Brightmail. A public spam library could be a huge boon to the anti-spam community, not just to commercial software vendors; most spam-fighting tools are developed by independent programmers who give away their wares. "This should help eliminate one of the big bottlenecks for people who want to make anti-spam tools," said Paul Graham, a computer programmer who has developed open-source mail filtering programs. "You can write all the code you want, but it won't do a whole lot of good unless you have a large amount of spam to test your algorithms on."

I'm all for that. It's getting really, really bad - even with a bulk mail filter, about half of what gets through to my regular mailbox is spam - and that's not even including Shea's emails


The first of many stories over the next month, I'm sure...

Canadian mint company rapped for Christmas ad

The commercial featured "The Twelve Days of Christmas," only the word "Christmas" was replaced with "giving."

On the first day of giv-ing, my true love gave to me....

.... a "Choice on Earth" card, maybe?

Jury to decide whether first-trimester abortion takes the life of a human being.

For the first time ever, a jury will decide whether a first trimester abortion takes the life of a human being after a New Jersey Appellate Court overruled a trial court decision that said the state could not make such a decision.The attorney who won the appeal, Harold Cassidy, considered the ruling a victory for pro-life forces and a "great victory for the rights of pregnant women." Cassidy represented Rosa Acuna in her lawsuit against her gynecologist, Sheldon Turkish. Acuna contended that Turkish never informed her that aborting a baby in the first trimester was ending the life of a human being."This takes back the right of women to litigate their own rights in regard to abortions," Cassidy said. "In the past, that right was taken from women by the American Civil Liberties Union and the abortion industry, such as Planned Parenthood. They contended they represented women in any lawsuit against abortion providers, when in fact, their interest is with the providers."

East Timorese Bishop Belo, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996, steps down because of health reasons.

Cardinal Law to meet with VOTF today.

Voice of the Faithful plans to send to the meeting its president, Boston University management professor James E. Post, as well as its vice president, Bill Cadigan, who is the president of an investment advising firm and who has served on his parish pastoral council; its executive director, Steve Krueger, who has served on the archdiocesan pastoral council; and its liaison to abuse survivors, Mary Scanlon Calcaterra, a nurse practitioner who serves on her parish pastoral council. Law is expected to be accompanied by his vicar general, Bishop Walter J. Edyvean, his secretary, the Rev. John J. Connolly, and his assistant for canonical affairs, the Rev. Mark O'Connell, Krueger said.


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