Monday, October 7

As Nancy said in her email passing this along, here's the Correction of the Day.
Blatant self-promotion. I received this note today:

I gave your two Prove It books to a friend, whose daughter, age 13, was having questions about the faith. My friend just called to tell me that her daughter loved Prove it-Church, read it all in one day, and "wished she had that book last year." She is now reading Prove it-God. So, thanks for writing such great, accessible books for teens! It is just what they need. When are the next two coming out?

As the Church Lady used to say, "How con-veeeeen -ient!"

They're out, and available from OSV, and perhaps from the online booksellers as well, but this early, you're safest with OSV:

Prove It: Jesus

Prove It: Prayer

Bishop McCormack faces angry crowd
A church in SF's Tenderloin district makes a miraculous recovery from earthquake damage and some,challenging a columnist's views:

Along Golden Gate Avenue, a line of poor people waited for lunch at St. Anthony Dining Room. Toward the end of the line, about a thousand people, many of them not much richer, crowded into the church they had saved with their donations. The church's Vietnamese choir sang lovely hymns that wafted through the vast and beautiful church. Mass was celebrated in four languages, Tagalog, English, Spanish and Vietnamese -- and more joyously than usual. A mariachi band waited outside to perform at the post-Mass party. There were children everywhere, dressed in their Sunday finest. ...St. Bonifice is a church open to anyone. Over the last few days, as I've met members of the church, and re-established connection with its Franciscan fathers and brothers, my nonbelief in God has been severely tested.

Raelians abandon scheduled cross-burning demonstration.
From Time: 10 Questions for the new bishop of Hong Kong

For us, the underground church was the lawful church because it was united with the Holy Father. Those other people, who followed the government in running the independent church, they were not in the right tradition because they were separated from Rome. So we had a very clear division of the two parts. Then, little by little, we had the chance to see the reality that even those in the so-called official church were much attached to Rome in their hearts. On the occasion of my ordination as bishop, I told people clearly that we consider both the underground church and the official church as our brothers. But actually it's not that easy to help the underground, and it's becoming more difficult.

Researchers looking into the interesting life of Mother Matilda Beasley, the first black nun in Georgia
What happened in your parish this past Respect Life Weekend?

In ours - nothing much. A letter from the bishop was inserted in the bulletin, and there was a prayer intention, but there were no other materials given out, no mention of it during Mass, and the focus of the homily was...not respecting life. What about you?

Good stuff in Florida:

A letter from Fr. Terry Morgan, pastor of the Cathedral-Basilica in St. Augustine

....It is our final gospel of the liturgical year, on the feast of Christ the King). I don’t see a cute scene of farm animals. I see me, going through the checklist. Yes, I fed the hungry. Yes, I welcomed the stranger. Yes, I clothed the naked. Yes, I visited the sick and the prisoner. And all the while, everyday, for the 26 years that I have been a priest, 4,000 sacred lives have been aborted by their parents. “What you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me.“ That is the life and death issue.


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