Sunday, September 8

Dallas priest involved in St. Sebastian's website explains himself, sez he's leaving the priesthood (LRR)

The priests involved in that Web site were like me. They were looking for the kind of companionship and solidarity that would help them minister with integrity. At times their comments and postings were irreverent, inappropriate and even shocking. But these were also deeply spiritual men, and their prayerful support and unconditional acceptance nurtured my soul. When a conservative watchdog group infiltrated the site and stole its content, they forwarded only the most salacious material to our religious superiors. The results were professionally damaging to some, and personally devastating to all. A few priests were severely disciplined and removed from their assignments. But many more were treated by their bishops with kindness and quietly given a chance to develop more appropriate expressions of intimacy. ....While I deeply loved being a priest and ministering as a priest, I have found the burden of living such a public life in a hostile environment too heavy to bear. To be sure, all who live public lives will be held to public accountability. But my story provides a lesson in what can happen when public accountability goes too far, when privacy is invaded, and hysteria rules. The resulting climate of suspicion, rancor and fear makes it difficult if not impossible for me to be who I really am. Technically, I am on a leave of absence from the Dallas Diocese. But since I don't have the emotional stamina to live a lie or to endure the painful prejudice, I have chosen to leave the priesthood and pursue other professional interests. But I do so fully aware that Jesus said, "The truth shall make you free" (John 8:32). Living in the light of my own truth, I am now free to be an authentic witness of Gospel values, and to make a real difference in the lives of all whose human dignity has been diminished.

Milingo starts to explain himself:

The Moonies lured a Zambian archbishop away from Rome with marriage to a member of the sect to try to create "a parallel Catholic Church" in Africa, the prelate claims.In a book to be published later this month called Fished out of the Mud, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, 72, said he was to have headed an independent church in Africa.


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