Saturday, March 2

My husband Michael has redesigned his website. He also has a new book coming out soon: Praying in the Presence of the Lord with Fulton Sheen.
Here's a link to the whole Vatican statement on the Internet.
The Bulgarian Orthodox Church doesn't approve of Harry Potter.
Loads of so-called "Catholic" colleges have presented performances of the (ahem) V - Monologues over the past month, including Boston College, Holy Cross, DePaul, Georgetown and Notre Dame.

Here's where you won't see it:Gonzaga University, where the President has said, "I don't think so." to this tendentious, risible, divisive piece of garbage. Good for him.

An LA Times review of a new book about the Jesuits contains the following suprising fact

...that sums up all the stresses that afflict the single largest male order in Catholicism--is the simple fact that former Jesuits now outnumber active Jesuits in the United States.

Richmond Diocese thinks it's got a saint.
Nice article on the Nashville Dominicans from the Tennessean. They are a traditionally-garbed and structured religious order which is one of the few women's religious orders in the US that's actually growing and that actually has a median age below, say, 70.

I went to a retreat at the Nashville Dominican convent when I was in high school. This is what I remember:

Gorgeous chant.

The hospital-like dormitory mentioned in the article.

Friday evening's entertainment: a viewing of Song of Bernadette.


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