Monday, January 21

Here's a hero: Jill Stanek, who exposed the practice of late-term, induced labor abortions at a Chicago-area hospital named, ironically enough, Christ Hospital. (It's Lutheran.) If you're tempted to get complacent about abortion, read this article. This is what we're fighting for. Real babies being left to die.

Jill Stanek was, of course, fired from her job at the hospital. But now she's running for Congress.

In a country which obsesses over relatively minor disasters afflicting its own, we are usually fairly uninterested in even major disasters afflicting other nations.

A good example is the hell that's raging in the Congo. The British press has been covering it far more thoroughly than we have. Here's a link to a site offering information on the eruption, as well as other "volcano news."

Finished my contributions to Living Faith for this quarter. It's not as easy as it sounds, writing 150-word devotions that actually say something meaningful.


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