Friday, December 21

This I didn't know. There's a carving of Darth Vader's head on the National Cathedral in Washington. Those wacky Episcopalians.
Oh, those childhood Christmas decorations. The decoupage'd reindeer David made in Cub Scouts, the big star with macaroni pasted all over it and spray-painted gold that Christopher fashioned in first grade, and the little ornament with a photo of 4-year old Katie in the middle, decorated along the edges with crayon. Unwrapping them every year makes my heart skip a beat and brings tears to the edges of my eyes. It's gone so fast, and it just keeps going....
There are lots of good Christmas pages out there, but here's one of the better ones: Dave Armstrong's Old-Fashioned Christmas Page with links to all kinds of interesting and substantive information, including some nice quotes from Chesterton on Christmas, as well as an illuminating on one of my favorite carols, the Huron Carol.
Finished my Oprah piece. Phew. I'm tired. But the show must go on - the Christmas show, that is. Clean, shop, cook. Sporadic blogging.


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