Sunday, December 9

I'm tempted to say "only in Tennessee" on this one. But I won't. Because it probably could have happened in Kentucky, too.

What gets you interested in this story is the fact that it concerns a scenario right out of some sort of nightmarish children's book: a little girl keeps saying there's a monster in her room, mom keeps returning telling the child it's okay, honey, don't worry. But then it turns out that the "monster" is real - a thief hiding behind the curtains. Then it gets really strange. Read about the thief who couldn't leave his blue fly swatter behind.

Andrew Ferguson is one of my favorite commentators. You'd see most of his work in the Weekly Standard, where he's an editor of some sort, but I've discovered a little trove of his writing here, as well.
I had high hopes for this evening, but it was not to be.After sleeping soundly in my arms for ten minutes, Joseph awoke with a loud belch, two minutes after being placed in his crib, and is now enjoying the nightlife.


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