Sunday, December 2

Joseph has been a lion all day today. Really. His sound of choice has been a roar. Not because he's mad, but just because he likes the sound. It's pretty darn funny.
I finished reading Naomi Wolf's book Misconceptions: Truth, Lies and the Unexpected on the Journey to Motherhood. I'll muse more on it later. One of the striking things about it, though, is her probably willful blindness to the connection between so many of the problems she delineates and legal abortion, which she still supports (despite some well-publicized ambivalence a few years ago, expressed in an article in The New Republic). Why is the care of babies treated as a woman's "problem" and no one else's? Well, perhaps because for thirty years, pro-abortion feminists have bleated that the whole thing is about women's "choices", to the exclusion of every other possibly interested soul. Why are mothers and babies and pregnant mothers not given respect? Because of thirty years of dehumanizing unborn children, that's why. Seems pretty obvious to me.

Now I've turned to Jeffrey Hart's Smiling Through the Cultural Catastrophe: Toward a Revival of Higher Education. I think I need to start reading stuff about Oprah Winfrey for an OSV article. I think I should be figuring out what to do for my next OSV book column, due right after Christmas. But today, I just can't really care.

Phew. Finished it. I thought for sure I'd be up late tonight working on that Catholic Parent article, but no. I had the whole blasted, 4000-word thing done by 5. All that, plus worrying about Christopher, who had his usual car trouble on the way to and back from Florida. He's fine though. Apparently the victory of his beloved Vols compensates for any number of other evils. His pleasure at the victory goes more than skin deep - it seems to be woven out of a sort of complicated karmic/blood feud bitterness that involves, among other things, Peyton Manning's failure to win the Heisman trophy back whenever he almost won it, and Florida's role in that particular affront to justice.


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