Monday, November 26

Advertisements I despise. A continuing saga. The current one running for the US Postal Service. It's got a stirring anthem playing behind a montage of valiant postal workers. I mean, my sympathies for the anthrax-afflicted are certainly real, but this ad bugs me - the Postal Service isn't going to get to my subconscious for the following simple reason: I mailed a birthday card to my son. I mailed it from the main post office in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was going to Knoxville, Tennessee. It takes about 8 hours to drive to Knoxville from Fort Wayne. It took eight days for the card to arrive.

Another one: The new Lexus ad with the Europeans waxing enthusiastically about the new Lexus...a flamenco dancer. A little Dutch boy. Are people rich enough to buy a Lexus really influenced in their decisions by the dreamy hopes of little Dutch children to be as lucky as they are?

AFLAC. Af-LAAC! Duck for Christmas dinner, anyone?

You know, I used to like the ESPN commercials. Thought they were clever. Now, however, we get the Dish Network Colege Gameday Plan. Or something. Anyway, during the games, since it's coming through the satellite on this special Pay-Per-View deal, we don't get regular commercials, just ESPN commercials. The same four commercials. Over and over again. Even with my nose buried in a book and Joseph hollering in my ear, I can't escape Kenny Mayne in stockings and the guy being "sent down" to the minor leagues of doing sports on a high school news show. Thank goodness the season is almost over.


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