Thursday, November 8

For this you're paying $35,000 a year, Mom and Pop Catholic?

Yes, that's a year's worth of tuition, room and board for an undergraduate at Georgetown, the first Catholic college in the nation, the Catholic college that fought a student movement to restore crucifixes to the classroom, the Catholic college that gave a sounding board to its most famous alumnus, Bill Clinton, on Wednesday night.

According to the Washington Times account, Clinton blamed our history of slavery and mistreatment of Native Americans, as well as the Crusades for the terrorist attacks. A truly classic case of deflecting blame, if you ask me. The guy is rather desperate for us to ignore the criminal lapses of his own administration in regard to bin Laden, et al, isn't he?

Clinton also had some wisdom to share about the issue of truth:

At the end of his speech, Mr. Clinton — who was impeached for lying under oath about a sexual relationship with a 21-year-old White House intern — said the entire issue revolves around "the nature of truth."
"This battle fundamentally is about what you think about the nature of truth," he said...

Clinton was 45 minutes late for the speech. One thousand students attended, some of whom had camped out overnight to obtain tickets. There wasn't a detractor in the bunch, not a boo, not a dissension from Clinton's rather sociopathic gospel on the Jesuit campus.


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