Thursday, October 4

Joseph is six months old today! Hardly seems possible. He's not much in the mood for celebrating right now. He's sleeping off the effects of his six-month round of vaccinations. Speaking of vaccinations, when did they stop innoculating for smallpox, anyway? That used to be such a memorable part of childhood - going in to get that little shot that resulted in a huge scab and a life-long scar.
Mark Steyn rocks. In writing about the Left's reaction to the current situation, after a few paragraphs filled with quotes from such folks which are all about "breeding" - intolerance breeds violence...etc, Steyn remarks:

a large swath of the Left has settled into an endless dopey roundelay, a vast Schnitzlerian carousel where every abstract noun is carrying on like Anthony Quinn on Viagra. Instability breeds resentment, resentment breeds inertia, inertia breeds generalities, generalities breed clichés, clichés breed lame metaphors, until we reach the pitiful state of the peacenik opinion columns where, to modify the old evening news motto, if it breeds it leads.

Go here for the piece.

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

O God, Who, through the merits of blessed Francis, magnifies Your church, enriching it anew with spiritual offspring: make us, like him, to disdain the goods of earth, nor at any time to lack the comforting gifts of heaven.

-from the Roman Missal


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